The Best Things You Must Put in Your Fireplace Mantel Shelf

fireplace mantle shelf

Fireplace mantle shelf is one of many hot topic discussions todays. Because it will look boring if the area above or around your fireplace becomes very empty. Maybe it’s not a problem for you or your men who like simple minimalist. But for women who are passionate and love the lively atmosphere and colorful, the room is too plain can be a problem.

You can put the television, flower pots, antique jars, painting, or a collection of family photos in there. That actually helping to burn that boring air but here I specifically discuss how if you put your collection of childhood as a beautiful display and amazing. Or if you’re living with your boyfriend, you can put his collection is also there, so he will feel comfortable with your acceptance of him in your house. Fireplace mantle shelf that your will look more beautiful and that will also make him love you more and more, so do you. So your house will be home sweet home.

fireplace mantel installation

Fireplace mantle shelf that I discuss here is decorated with a collection of princess and Tarzan there. First maybe you could put a mini home Tarzan princess face to face but separated by a beautiful forest in the middle of it. Dominant princess pink house will indeed contrasted with Tarzan home that using natural colors. But do not worry, the two colors will not collide because I have tried it and it looks amazing. So that when you relax in warm both of your self, while you can also share stories about your childhood where you are still infatuated with your toy collection it. That way the room besides you and your boyfriend to be more beautiful, romantic atmosphere will be created by itself. So you should try this lovely idea in your beautiful home.

12 Photos of the The Best Things You Must Put in Your Fireplace Mantel Shelf

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