Stainless Steel Fireplace Surround with Masculine Style

stainless steel fire pit

Stainless steel fireplace surround is suggested for you guys who still live alone. Due to the design of the room with a fire place that I will talk about now will look very masculine. Your fireplace is in frame with shiny materials made it possible to form a rectangle, still with the original silver color. You use the fire is fire orange with decorative rocks at the bottom. But actually fuel you use is gas. But you will put beautiful stone there as if the stone is fuel.

Stainless steel fireplace surround the room in order to connect with the outside frame must be given. Because here is the highlight that on masculinity, then the color of your walls should be gray or brown. While the outer frame about our 30 cm along the edge of your fireplace can decorate with gray colored tiles as well. But you can add tiles motif in its abstraction. That way your room will look more bold and beautiful.

stainless steel corbels

Stainless steel fireplace surround you could possibly put in your master bedroom. So when you’re talking or alone with your boyfriend there. You can add a romantic impression by turning off the main lights, and just rely on the light of your beautiful fireplace. Or if it is too dark maybe you can add a beautiful aromatherapy candles in your room to accompany the light of your beautiful fireplace. Your lovely girlfriend would will definitely melting, and it will take you on a wonderful night with her. In addition you can also put it in your living room. Especially if that you are a men who does not bring a woman into your private room, certainly not too helpful if you put it in your private room. But wherever you put it, it would look beautiful. And whatever furniture you choose if it still have a masculine aura, surely will fit your fireplace. Good luck and have your dream home guys.

10 Photos of the Stainless Steel Fireplace Surround with Masculine Style

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