Modern Fireplace Mantel Ideas

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Fireplace mantle ideas which I will review here is the modern fireplace, safe and simple but still look elegant and classy. Fireplace I recommend using natural stone as the main ingredient. While the fuel used is gas so that more energy-efficient and virtually smoke free air circulation is good but still needs to look as if the oxygen in the room less, burning garbage can produce very harmful nitrogen oxides. The point there is still no perfect item, but the regularity will make it close to perfect.
Fireplace mantle ideas this time made the hexagon shape, with the inner lined refractory cement. While the outside or periphery of your fireplace made of natural stone based arrangement is pretty small zigzag mode. Maybe you can choose natural stone with white or nude color to make it look elegant and beautiful. Your fireplace will also look more classical when fuel using coal or charcoal. But that the danger of carbon monoxide from that incomplete combustion of both materials over a very worried us.

Fireplace mantle ideas you can stay safe but also looks classic when you put in fuels with charcoal or artificial coal in the fireplace lounge. So that there are beautiful fire seems flame generated by the classical fuel. But according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, use whatever fireplace should not exceed 4-5 hours in order to be free from the danger of poisoning. Besides the harmful gas that is odorless combustion products, the effect is also there which is not directly visible. But it would be dangerous at the time had accumulated. Therefore, to avoid things that are not in want, conducted this study limits the use of fireplace. And it can be that its use should not exceed 5 hours in a day. But to warm the room without a fireplace, you can use a steam engine that will warm you and your beautiful family.

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