Are You Ready for Concrete Fireplace Surrounds?

concrete fireplace surrounds

Concrete fireplace surrounds are fireplace which is made from concrete material. To make concrete dogh you need cement, water and wire. This raw material makes itself being strong, hefty and fire resistant for many years. This kind of fireplace has been used for many houses in this era. You can command carpenter to do this job and for artistic touch, you can ask suggestion from an architect. Sometimes, in many house the fireplace made from concrete brick without any cover. However, it still works well beside the aesthetic value.
Concrete fireplace surrounds are situated on the wall like many fireplace in common. It stands mounted the wall and there is a hole in the bottom as fire post. It usually 80 cm up to 1 meter in width and situated ¾ of length. You can take many color options for your fireplace. Suit the color which is match with your paint or design room. If your wall paint has grey color, you can pour the same color. If your wall paint has white color you may paint it in white, and soon. Don’t place your precious things near the fireplace because it’s dangerous. To avoid unwanted thing you maybe put your precious and non fire proof thing far enough. It can be about 3 or 4 meters from it, so you shouldn’t worry when you are firing in the cold weather to increasing the temperature of your room
Actually, it’s not too different with other fireplace, beside of its design and raw material. Concrete fireplace surrounds also easy to be treated, you only must to keep the fire on the hole. If you let the fire out of the hole you can burn your house and make your fireplace look dirty. Are you ready for the change? For you who always up to date and like modern design must consider this one.


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