A Classical Fireplace Surround Stone

fireplace stone mantel

Fireplace surround stone is the fireplace which is made by stone as the material. We know that there are two materials which can be used as fireplace. The first is wood. Wood is usually met in traditional or classical fireplace theme. This has advantageous for the people which want to have classical theme. However this is also disadvantageous for them because this material is easily burned. So, if you want this material, you should give more attention or in other word you have to be careful. The second is stone. This is more safety than wood because it is hard to be burned. Yes you know it is stone.
Fireplace surround stone has similar model with fireplace as usual. This means that when you want to use stone material as your fireplace material, you also can use many models of fireplace. We can take example for this situation. If you want to have traditional fireplace model, you can arrange the stone so that the shape is like classical. You can arrange stone horizontally until ceiling. The second if you want to have electrical fireplace, you also can use stone as the material. You can arrange stone on the wall the give one cabinet then place your electrical fireplace. This is like modern fireplace.
Fireplace surround stone should consider your room size. What does it means? It means that there is different room size in each model. You can have the fireplace when you consider your room. Take example for this. If you want to have traditional fireplace, you should have wider room. Why? It is caused by the arranging of stone should be wider and higher so that it takes more size if you want to use the traditional model. So if you want to use this kind of fireplace, you should have wider room.

fireplace stone mantel

8 Photos of the A Classical Fireplace Surround Stone

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